Sailors, Mermaids & Nauti Queens get down!

Cool Boat Bar in Seminyak Bali

Complete with a boat bar, charcoal & chill BBQ shack, VIP boat huts and docks. Stop by for a refreshing signature cocktail and our must-try pizzas, mezzes and our char-grilled BBQ. Stay tuned for our nightly Nauti dinner shows and live sport broadcasts.

Best Seminyak Bars Bali

Located in the heart of Seminyak, Sea Vu Play ranks amongst the best of Seminyak bars in Bali. It is perfect for dining, drinking and merry making with a nautical backdrop. The Nauti crew of Sea Vu Play is a seasoned team of food and beverage professionals who are as serious about fun as they are about food and drinks.

One of the best bars in Bali Seminyak, we have a carefully curated menu of only the freshest in cocktails for you. Including the Pink Flamingo, Expresso martini, Wasted Watermelon and of course, the lengendary Huu Bar classic Lychee Martini, ensuring you’re spoilt for choice.

Best BBQ Seafood & Meat Restaurant in Bali

As the sun sets over Seminyak Bali, its “Charcoal & Chill Time”. The daily ritual begins with our chef crew firing up the BBQ in the good old traditional way, wood charcoal. The time it takes to fire up a charcoal grill is rewarded by lovely charred aromas that a gas fired BBQ could never achieve. The Sea Vu Play Charcoal & Chill BBQ experience is complemented by a salad buffet spread with fresh greens sourced from the Bali highlands, accompanied with a selection of hot and cold sides, traditional Balinese sauces and garnishes. All this ensures our reputation is maintained as the best BBQ Seafood & Meat restaurant in Bali.

Want more than just BBQ? Stop by and get down on delicious mezze plates, fish n chips, thin crust pizzas, Mediterranean tapas, and cocktails. Sea Vu Play, one of the best bars in Seminyak and Bali, has plenty of choices for everyone.

What people are saying about our restaurant, bars in Seminyak

Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

This place is fantastic!! The staff are super friendly and food was awesome! So huge we couldn’t fit it all in! Happy hour is great!! 50% change of getting a completely free cocktail! See you soon!!


posted on, Facebook - 11/11/2016

A great place to start your night, with great pizzas and platters, the bar has a great range of cocktails and the staff energetic and fun.
What more you need?


posted on, Facebook - 09/22/2016

Beautiful venue, brilliant service, food was fantastic and cocktails were on point!
Loved the atmosphere of the whole place.
Couldn’t be any happier! 🙂

Gung B

posted on, TripAdvisor - 11/12/2016