Bali Indonesia Nightlife is Getting More Spectacular & Eclectic in Sea Vu Play

Bali Indonesia Nightlife is Getting More Spectacular & Eclectic in Sea Vu Play

Bali Indonesia Nightlife couldn’t get better without the new hip kid in town. Seminyak is raw glamor mixed with the complex beauty of Bali. It’s the Ibiza of Asia, located in the warmth of the tropics, amidst the dreamy waves of the Indian Ocean. Bali gay nightlife does not get more vibrant than this. Seminyak enjoys an international vibe but the inherent culture of Bali is ever present. To celebrate the ineffable beauty of Bali and its long maritime traditions, Sea-Vu Play brings you a restaurant with authentic food and traditional décor, that reflects Bali’s eternal passion for the sea. The ambiance Sea-Vu Play creates is a perfect place to wind up your sunny memories of the day in a relaxed and fun-filled way. Walk in as if you are walking on a beach because the vibe is always casual. Wear your right to chillax with pride and be ready to taste the native flavors of Bali and international cuisine. Choose from a plethora of quintessential dishes from our celebrated chefs. Our bar is straight out of a pirate’s den serving sexy cocktails, amazing liquor, classy wine and much more.

Sea Vu Play is not without a story. Legend has it that a boat named Sammy was once washed away to the island of Sea-Vu Play, which is now the place for the hippest gay nightlife Bali in town. The message this place sends out is, let your life flow with the waves and if you carry you to a land of fun. The boat is still here and serves as the bar of Sea-Vu Play. To add to the seaside vibe, there are palm trees and fish-nets, and maritime-themed wall art. This feeling is further enhanced by large wooden tables and mellow lighting. Our location is our pride, as we stand at the heart of all the action. We are located in Petitenget, which is the nerve center of Seminyak. The nightlife in Bali evolves in and around us and Sea Vu Play provides you with the fuel to unwind and enjoy. The crowd starts pouring in by the afternoon and the party picks up by dusk.

Welcome to Bali—where dreamy tropical nightlife isn’t just a mere dream

Bali is more than just a destination—Bali is an aspiration, a perspective, a disposition. Be it diving, surfing, partying, or simply sight-seeing, Bali has everything one could ever ask for in a tropical destination. It is home to the spiritual and is a place of ardent worship of the Hindu Gods. With breathtaking natural beauty and numerous picturesque settings, Bali simply exudes that quixotic quality that a lot of people can’t help but be attracted to. Offerings to the Gods that consists of several kinds of flowers and plants can be seen literally everywhere, at all levels of society embrace their cultural heritage. It’s not rare to find major roads temporarily shut down due to huge ceremonies by the local communities as they march into the temples and back. Everything in Bali is spiritual and you’ll find the tiny little things from the everyday lives around you if you take the time to look closer. In this sacred tropical island where modern life blends in with the ancient belief, Sea Vu Play is delighted to settle its beached boat as the crew paused its search for the Atlantics. Right now, Bali is the place to be. Holidays in Bali is everything you’d expect from a tropical destination and more. Volcanoes are still active and are also a place of worship, in a way. Gunung Agung—in which “gunung” means “Mountain” in Bahasa—is the tallest of all mountains where major ceremonies are held throughout the years. A famous temple in the mountain called “Pura Besakih” is the center of the spiritual activities, and if you’re lucky when you visit the mountain while you’re in Bali, you’ll spot hordes and hordes of locals wearing their ceremonial outfits after or during their praying. Aside from Bali’s biggest mountain temple, there exist hillside temples such as Pura Luhur Batukaru, one of the major temples visited by locals for worships. In terms of distance, Luhur Batukaru temple is much closer to the heart of the buzzing Bali, namely Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak for approximately 1,5 hours to 2 hours by driving, whereas Besakih temple took around 2,5 to 3 hours. You can easily spend a whole day in the mountains and temples including the drive to the location.

Once you’ve got your fill of the spiritual atmosphere of Bali, you might want to spend the next day simply exploring the town. Bali is an embodiment of modern island life, and you’re going to feel every beat and each pulse of its vibrant activities offered in Bali’s all-sunny weather. Nightlife in Bali is centered at the Southern parts generally referred to as Badung regency. Sanur in Denpasar being the first region developed for centered Balinese tourism. A very laid-back counterpart of the areas located even more South known as Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, and to an extent, Nusa Dua. The now-vibrant scenes that burst with life during both day and nighttime were once filled with coconut trees, farms and rice fields. Now, the area is filled with some of the best establishments—restaurants, clubs, bars, entertainment center—in Asia by extension. Development was rapid in the last several decades that, despite being a small island compared to most of Indonesia’s economic centers, Bali is one of the most developed areas of Indonesia thanks to the tourism scene.

Bali Indonesia Nightlife—Whatever you’re looking for, Bali offers something for everyone, especially when it comes to its dynamic, animated nightlife Seminyak Bali scene. Enjoy an evening filled with cultural shows that consist of traditional Balinese dances, be it Pendet, Puspanjali, or Baris, Balinese traditional dances are a form of art that’s simply exquisite to enjoy. Or if you prefer to have a day filled with shop-hopping, hop to the many boutiques and art shops lining up the streets of Seminyak. Apparels, dresses, beach tops, jewelry, and even designer homewares and furniture are all available in the area. Or if you’re specifically looking for an exciting dining experience in this gorgeous island, then look no more. Fun-filled tropical experience with a nautical atmosphere at its core, Sea Vu Play is more than just a destination to spend your nightlife at; much like Bali itself, it’s an experience.

Get your beanbags out—colorful or monochrome—either way, make yourself comfortable on a sunset-viewing time. Have seen plenty of Bali sunsets and wish to do other things? Try to explore some unique home decor and eclectic artworks that Seminyak is not short of. Or maybe you can do some window shopping for jewelry, grow your collections with more pieces of silver and gold. A fun 3D gallery is also something you might want to try out for some wacky photos of you and your friends or your kids, creating fun memories together. If a more traditional day out is something you’d like to enjoy more, then visiting Seminyak ancient landmark, Pura Petitenget, would be something you’d appreciate. Speaking of which, the temple is the mere walking distance from Sea Vu Play and is evidently the namesake of the street Sea Vu Play is located in.

In the midst of busy streets of Seminyak, Pura Petitenget is a serene, peaceful location where locals pay their worship. The street that runs parallel to the temple, Jalan Petitenget, is clearly named after the temple itself. Petitenget Beach can be reached by foot as it’s super close to the temple. The area used to be a forest where peasants pray in the temples to protect them against illness and starvation. Another temple is within the vicinity of Pura Petitenget as well, known as Pura Masceti Ulun. While this day, Seminyak is a bustling city that does not seem to sleep, in ancient times, it was forested, and people at that time believed there were dark spirits that could cause illnesses. Building the temples are believed to grant people protection. Take your time to listen to the birds chirping within the temple area. Catch a glimpse of the Balinese burning incense and presenting offerings called “banten” to the Gods. Religious ceremonies are even grander as the streets are guaranteed to become crowded with pedestrians in their ceremonial outfits walking together to pray at the temple. If you’re particularly fortunate, you might catch a beachside ceremony that’s seemed even more colorful. It’s good luck that Sea Vu Play venue is located near the sacred temple. Enjoying the serenity that the temple provides, and coming back to the pumping life of Seminyak would give you a pretty dynamic day. Going for a late lunch or an early dinner for a nice, charcoal-grilled barbecue that opens at 11 am after a short visit the temple is a nice way to spend a relaxing day. Sea Vu Play offers a selection of scrumptious meat, seafood, as well as fresh and crunchy vegetarian options.

Seminyak is a place known to be on a higher end compared to its neighboring areas. The nightlife is often geared towards a more refined audience—or at least that’s what people often say. But not to worry, that doesn’t mean flip-flops and beach tops are not welcome to have a fun-filled, memorable experience of nightlife in Bali. A certain nautical-themed venue exists just for you to drum your feet on, swing your legs sporting beach shorts, and dance the night away. This fun philosophy is reflected throughout Sea Vu Play’s whole venue. From the deco of the boat-shaped bar that retells the story of the good old boat, Sammy beached on the island. Bali itself is an island that is purely an embodiment of laid-back atmosphere and relaxation, and Sea Vu Play embraces this. City development occurred at such a rapid pace, causing the streets in Seminyak to become congested over the years, don’t let it ruin your holiday. Traveling in the late afternoon around 6 pm to 7 pm more or less is guaranteed to be met by congested traffic, but much of Seminyak’s delight should be discovered by foot. Take a walk to the numerous boutiques and spas lining up the streets. Take your pick, or simply visit them all.



Bali Indonesia nightlife just does not seem complete if spent in a place that seemed to fall flat, or one with a decor that you can practically find at every corner of Bali. At Sea Vu Play, we take our deco very seriously. Serious enough that Sea Vu Play built a whole bar shaped like a boat, ready to take off (just kidding—but the boat shape part is correct). Fishnets are hung at beach cabins acting as a divider between the sofa designed to house a big group of people. Nautical vibes overflow as white vintage hawsers complete the picture. Palm trees are planted everywhere the eyes could see, vibrant greens with a splash of light yellow, strengthening the beachside theme of the place. The atmosphere gets even livelier once night falls, like fairy lights wrapped around the numerous palm trees are light up. Sea Vu Play captain known as Sean embodied his simple approach to life; the most important thing is to have fun! Be it a beverage, food, or deco, Sea Vu Play sets forth a new standard in its own league and triumphs. Being one of the country’s largest importer and distributor of liquor, never compromising on quality, Sea Vu Play is more than just succeeded in giving life to the definition of fun right at the very heart of Seminyak.

After a long day of work, it feels great to just relax and experience Bali Indonesia nightlife at a fun place with a laid-back atmosphere. Have a big dinner as you sip your scrumptious chocolate martini or a glass of Land Ho. Exuberant and vibrant, Sea Vu Play is a place to simply sit and enjoy the general ambiance. Strike a conversation with the locals, expats, or fellow travelers. With Sea Vu Play’s stress-free, super relaxed vibes, you’ve already got an upper hand in terms of the setting—so greet the person next to you with a smile, then let the conversation flow.

Take pictures with your family at one of the colorful beach huts built just for you. Aside from the clever nautical decoration, the wall art is also a feature that simply speaks volumes how much Sea Vu Play takes everything to the heart to produce best of the best venue that will essentially become diners’ experience. Triangle-shaped flags can be found overhead, they’ve also set striped poles with vibrant colors—making the venue a colorful place in a literal sense. If posting to social media is one of the routines that you just seem to be addicted to, then you’ll have plenty of materials to work on. The boat bars, beach huts, outdoor surrounded by palm trees—you take your pick. Your travel blogs won’t have a shortage of exciting, beautiful content. Or perhaps simply for your daily facebook updates to let your loved ones know your travel in Bali has been nothing but excellent fun. Instagram post or stories? Needless to say, Sea Vu Play is one of the most hyped venues in Seminyak you could post on Instagram. So dress your best for a tropical outing and prepare your camera; Sea Vu Play is an experience you’d want to share with the whole family and perhaps the whole world. 

Bali Indonesia Nightlife with Good food, Good Mood—Good drink, Glasses Clink!

The head chef Abi, a seasoned chef from Morocco, who has spent more than ten years in Indonesia, learning the local style of cooking as well as establishing his very own style. Having worked in many upscale restaurants in various roles gives him amazing command over different cuisines and styles of cooking. He, along with his professional team, create one of the best menus of the island. The menu is strewn with amazing diversity and is yet very refreshingly simple. Pizza is stable here and you can find various exciting renditions made from the humble cheese, sauce, and bread. Take the Casablanca for example. The pizza is smeared in chili paste and then gracefully topped with Moroccan spiced lamb and roasted eggplant. Haloumi cheese, made from goat/sheep, is then sprinkled on top along with the thyme. If not actually heaven, it’s pretty close! If you are a cheese lover, go for the Quattro Formaggi, which is a cheesy cheese volcano in the guise of a pizza. It’s made with Gorgonzola, ricotta, parmesan, and goat cheese and has an amazing flavor and texture to it. Apart from a few more classic pizzas, the restaurant explores Northern African, Mediterranean, Asian and American cuisine with much class. You can order for Thai style fish cake or munch on homemade falafel or sink into an amazing bowl of seafood salad; consisting of cured snapper and scallops, roasted prawns, seaweed, and grapes. The main course serves braised lamb shacks, grilled octopus, chicken parmigiana, pan-fried snappers, etc. One interesting dish is the Mediterranean Seafood Hot Pot, which is exactly what it says it is. It consists of prawns, calamari, clams, mussels in a broth of saffron and other spices. The restaurants Seminyak also tests your sweet tooth with some delicious local coconut pannacotta, which is made with four milk Panna cottas, mixed with berries and coconut flakes.



The drinks menu is packed with classics, as well as some Sea-Vu Play Bali bar signatures. The bar is always ready with drinks that explore a mélange of tastes and flavors. Cocktails take up a lion’s share in the menu with names like Wasted Watermelon, Passion Fruit Mojito, Lychee Martini, and Pink Flamingo, which is rum mixed with lemon, pineapple, and strawberry juice. The mixologist behind these creations also plays around with spicy variations like Salty Babes, Pining Sunsets, Red Sea, and Mermaid’s Secret, all carrying exotic ingredients like mango, cardamom, vanilla, cayenne pepper, etc. The drinks menu gives considerable space to spirits and liquor as well. There is nothing more pleasant that rum on a tropical evening. In the rum section, choose from Captain Morgan, Meyers Dark, Havana Club, and Bacardi Light. The tequila section consists of Jose Cuervo, Patron XO Café, Silver, and Anejo. There are also enough options for light drinks and wine lovers will be particularly delighted with its collection of white and red wine. It sources its stock from Australia, Chile, and France, with brands including Chateau Subercaseaux, Santa Ema Merlot, Tarapaca Sauvignon Blanc. The whiskey menu consists of Jack Daniels, Chivas Regal, Makers Mark, and Johnny Walker Red/Black. It has both local and international brands of beer such as Bintang, Bali Hai Premium, Heineken, Corona, Diablo, etc. The bar also serves refreshing juices, coffee, mocktails, and milkshakes. Bali Indonesia nightlife just got better and better.



Sea Vu Play is well tapped into the local DJ music scene and is frequented by names to the likes of Wisdy, Andy Chunes, Raff Track and more. The bass is dropped till the darkest hour of the night. The staff at Sea-Vu Play reflect the overall aim of the venue and are fun to be around with. They believe that visitors should experience the fun and a wild side of Seminyak through Sea-Vu Play and they go to great lengths to make sure that you have a great time. This restaurant in Seminyak also organizes regular programs as well as special events, usually on weekends. Sea Vu Play Sunday market is one of the most hips and is always packed with people. Going to the Sea Vu Play Bali markets is a fun meant to enjoy together with your best people and even the kids. The fun picks up momentum from Friday night and reaches its peak on Saturdays and Sundays nights. The team explores various themes and crafts events around them. Check out the events section for an update on this week’s events, and make sure to note the dates down so you won’t miss the fun.