Bali Seminyak Nightlife – The Best Party Place At Sea Vu Play

Bali Seminyak Nightlife – The Best Party Place At Sea Vu Play

Bali Seminyak nightlife — as the sun sets over at the Southern parts of Bali, the night comes to life, as Seminyak, Legian, and Kuta are brimming with lights and party-goers alike. Discover the collections of bars and pubs as you listen to the music of your choice. Sea Vu Play, as it stands, is unlike the many nightlife venues the Southern part of Bali has to offer. Explore a different side of Bali through the nautical-themed establishment that is certain to bring you a new kind of excitement.

With a name sounding close to the French S’il vous plaît, the Bali bar is marine incarnate. Located in the heart of the tropical Bali, the restaurant has such a fun deco that with vibrant colors lighting up the whole place. Super close to a lot of major venues, within walking distance from the Colony Hotel and other notable places in Seminyak. The bar is alight with DJs spinning their records and turning everything alive as the sun sets and the crowd poured in. Other live performances are often featured to set the horde ablaze. Go the with your favorite people and experience the nightlife Bali has to offer. From mouthwatering pizzas and Captain’s Feast on the Sharing menu specialty, Sea Vu Play is something you’d want to wholly experience with a couple of glasses of delectable cocktail together with party-people—and perhaps even sports-goers alike. The Sea Vu Play venue is even more on fire as the World Cup’s sprung crowds and throngs of people into that certain frenzy.

With a quirky play on words that is sure to bring a smile to your face, Sea Vu Play is a nautically themed restaurant that is a must-visit if you are looking to partake in Bali Seminyak nightlife. Sea Vu Play’s Restaurants Seminyak is inspired by maritime traditions and provides Sea Vu Play’s patrons with an exciting and entertaining venue, whether you are looking for a place to eat or have some drinks with your friends. We believe that being on holiday should be fun, so you can let your hair down and dive into seaside escapism that is Sea Vu Play.

The nightlife Bali bar and clubs are one of the ways to meet and mingle with both locals and travelers alike. You might even meet with long-time expats whom you can exchange stories with. Dance to the music and find a nice company for the evening, or maybe even a company for life.

If you’re not exactly keen on dressing up for a night out, Sea Vu Play is just the one of the best party places in Bali for you to still experience Bali Seminyak nightlife. Flip flops and Hawaiian shirts are basically the dress code to go aboard with the nautical-themed restaurant. Visitors and local residents alike hit Bali Seminyak nightlife with a blast as Sea Vu Play comes to live at 11 am till late. That doesn’t mean putting on your sleeveless, one-piece black dress would make you feel out of place—a wide range of people from young to old come here for a good time. After all, there is no such a thing as being overdressed!

A lot of expatriates hang out in the heart of the hip town of Seminyak. The nightlife scene in the area typically attracts a slightly more refined group of clubbers compared to Kuta. Whether that’s you or not, Sea Vu Play is at heart a place that welcomes everyone with its genuine fun and its concept of casual outing. Enjoy international and local DJs alike playing cutting-edge sounds or perhaps a record that sounds nostalgic to you as you share a generous portion of the restaurant’s scrumptious main dishes and the abundance of drink options. All in all, Bali Seminyak nightlife is yours to thoroughly enjoy.

A major point that Sea Vu Play always makes sure to get right, is that you will not find any deconstructed dishes. Sea Vu Play thrives to make your dining experience as authentic as possible so what will be available to you are food items prepared with premium ingredients and using traditional recipes. There is a wide assortment of menu items to choose from ranging from flatbreads for your entrées, salads, pasta and of course seafood to stay within Sea Vu Play’s coastal theme. At the head of Sea Vu Play’s galley is Chef Abi, who originally hails from Morocco but set sail for Indonesia over ten years ago. With his extensive experience and expertise garnered from working in the finest hotels all over the world, patrons are always served with healthy yet wholesome dishes on the menu.

For those looking for something of a one-off for dining out, a restaurant with a fresh, unique concept that you can’t find anywhere else in Bali is definitely something worth looking into. Good food and good drinks are what a restaurant is all about—but Sea Vu Play went above and beyond to provide an experience. From the fun concept down to each detail of the extraordinary deco, Sea Vu Play is a venue that simply stands out. Snap a pic or two when you’re there—if only because it’s hard not to.

Bali Seminyak Nightlife—More than Just an Entertaining Night Out

Entertainment is something Sea Vu Play took seriously. Experience a great time as Sea Vu Play organized regular events as well as sporting events to keep you and your friends busy as you enjoy your food and drinks. Sea Vu Play’s main highlight is the Crew Night, held every Friday night. Meet some of the best DJs in Bali during your outing to the venue.

To ensure you dance the night away with the very best tunes, Sea Vu Play gives the DJs center stage on Sea Vu Play’s crew nights. Listen to the beats provided by the likes of legendary Disc Jockeys, such as Andy Chunes, Wisdy and Raff Track and more. Let’s take a page from a certain book ”What a DJ does is this: he knows music. The DJ knows music better than you, better than your friends, better than everyone on the dance floor or in the record shop. Some DJs know their chosen genre better than anyone else on the planet.” A quote from Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey, proved just how much of an experience a good DJ can turn your night into.

The Bali island serves a unique mix of both local and international DJs on its scene. The DJ performances in Bali is something of a great cocktail of genres that provide the soundtracks to the paradise island’s nightlife. Bali Seminyak nightlife also attracts star DJs who brought their very own spices and contributing a huge deal of what is now known as the liveliest Bali Seminyak nightlife scene.

With a lively Bali Seminyak nightlife as your backdrop, spend your Friday evening down at Sea Vu Play. Chomp on the many Sea Vu Play’s super filling main dishes and sip your cocktails. DJ’s on the decks, bring your party fam for a boogie! Crew Night Special starts at 8 PM onwards and lets party until the end.


Cheered or Booed Together—Sea Vu Play is Bali’s Best Sports Bar


For some getting the chance to watch their favorite sports teams with fellow revelers as they indulge in their favorite drink.

Provides the ideal night – is right up your alley for your entertainment needs. There are multiple large screen televisions installed all over the premises to ensure that patrons do not miss any of the actions. Additionally, we also have an extensive schedule of the different sporting fixtures, so you can be assured not to miss a single match. Some of the favorite sports viewed over drinks include the Grand Prix, rugby, Formula 1, tennis, boxing, football and more. If you would like to watch sports with your friends undisturbed, we could arrange for a private beach hut where you can enjoy the night on your own. These huts have a large screen television and the Sea Vu Play Crew will ensure that your table is fully stocked with food and drinks.

That fervor of watching sports together is something that Sea Vu Play is an expert at providing. Feel that sense of community as the best bar in Seminyak serves you its quality food and delectable beverages. Be a part of the rowdy (passionate) crowd while you’re on your tropical escapades. Make sure to reserve a seat, especially if you’re coming with a large group of people. Have a beach hut all to yourself. Order Captain’s Feast that consists of spiced pork ribs, chicken wings, beef meatballs, chicken and lamb satays, served together with onion rings, fries, complete with the dipping sauces. Ordering that much food won’t break your bank. Because unlike the many overpriced Seminyak bar and restaurants, Sea Vu Play serves their generous food potions with price tags that don’t terrify your wallet.

Aside from the regular sports events, other events are definitely worth checking out. Equally fun and engaging, but unique to each other, some of the noteworthy past events include Tropical Fruits and the State of Origin. Hedonistic fun in the tropics that is a project collaboration with Pink Elephant, Sea Vu Play hosted Tropical Fruits that had garnered a fun crowd back in July. Swinging grass skirts, garlands, and Hawaiian shirts are what the event is all about. Back in 2017, State of Origin was screened and it highlights the Queensland and New South Wales rugby league teams.

Another event that is popular and a regular is the Sunday Market. Kicking off at 2 pm, the Bali markets of Sea Vu Play are a place perfect for something of a fun afternoon outing that everyone in the family can enjoy. From organic essential oils to knitted beachwear, you’d find something you’d love to take home after a browse on the Sunday Market. Make sure to keep a close watch on Sea Vu Play’s social media or its website and note the dates down your calendar!

Sea Vu Play hosts a range of special events, year-round.  If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, have a bachelorette party or a stag night, class reunion, engagement party, whatever it is, Sea Vu Play’s restaurant would be the ideal place to have some unadulterated fun with your friends. In addition to this, we also host themed parties based on the time of the year including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and more.


An Extensive Drink Menu — Taste All from Fresh Mango Juices to Vodkas


A nautical nightlife wouldn’t be complete without a spectacular drinks menu. Therefore, expect to be amazed by the amount of rum we have on board! International brands such as Bacardi light, Myers Dark, Captain Morgan, and Havana Club are all part of Sea Vu Play’s drinks repertoire, ensuring high-end beverage options for you. Nonetheless, if rum is not for you, then you could indulge in Sea Vu Play’s tequila shots choosing from Patron Café or Jose Cuervo.

Consider getting a pitcher if you’re coming with a group of people. There are Red and White Sangria, Lychee Martini, and Ocean Margarita as the options to accompany your night along with your group of friends. Party size rules! Savor the delectable rum, wine, triple sec, slices of tropical fruits, lemon juice, and topped with sprite as you gulp down your Sangria and simply basking in everything around you. Island life just gets better and better.

Sea Vu Play is also renowned for its delicious cocktail menu. Some of the popular cocktails Sea Vu Play’s customers love to indulge in include Sea Vu Play’s Very Berry Frozen Daiquiri, Wasted Watermelon, Pink Flamingo, and Passion Fruit Mojito, among others. Delectable tropical twist to your cocktail is something to be expected. Enjoy the nautical theme in the middle of the island’s buzzing town with your Floral-patterned shirts and shorts to match the mood.

For patrons who prefer a relaxed drink to match the relaxed ambiance, you have the freedom to order from Sea Vu Play’s wine list or indulge in some champagne. Lastly, if you are a teetotaler, this does not mean that you cannot have some fun and enjoy tasty drinks. Sea Vu Play has numerous non-alcoholic beverages on offer that includes mocktails, refreshing natural juices, milkshakes and more.

Non-alcoholic drinks on offer for those not looking for their alcohol fix range from plain water to shakes, Sea Vu Play has it all. Enjoy a glass of refreshing orange, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, or mixed juices as you chat with a special friend. Can’t get enough of coconut water once you’ve got a taste in this island? Sea Vu Play will serve you a generous amount of it that just quenches your thirst and gives you all its good nutrients. Yum. Coconut water is definitely one of the best things Earth had generously bestowed us.

Mocktails are something Sea Vu Play also prides themselves in. Enjoy Mint lemonade with bit leaves, lime, brown sugar and topped with lime soda for a cold-fresh companion. Savor even more fruity goodness with Mixberry as fresh strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry topped with mint leaves entered your mouth and your throat. If you’re looking for something tropical for your mocktail then Pinning Sunset is simply perfect. Mango, passion fruit, lime juice, and strawberry will make your tongue dance as you gulp down that heavenly mix.

Coffee and tea fix? Not to worry. Espresso, double espresso, long black cafe latte, cappuccino, flat white, mocha and chocolate, with some of the iced options are all for you to chose. English breakfast, Earl Grey, chamomile, green tea, peach, and peppermint tea are on the menu to accompany your meals.



The décor of Sea Vu Play is simply a brilliant design work, ensuring it not just complement, but enrich your dining experience. The first thing you will notice as you walk into Sea Vu Play’s restaurant is the bold and vibrant colors, creating a sense of fun. Moreover, Sea Vu Play’s boat-shaped bar will make you feel like you set sail and washed up to the shore of Sea Vu Play’s whimsical island. Whether you like a cold beer to cool off the Bali heat or whether you prefer tasty cocktails to get the party started, Sea Vu Play’s extensive drinks menu is guaranteed to provide you with exactly what you need to accompany your food.

A fun, pumping Bali nightlife, at heart, Sea Vu Play is a casual place for everyone to enjoy themselves in. The stylish place has just the perfect ambiance for both chilling or heating up by partying. The decors are also often adjusted to suit the holidays’ moods, on top of the already numerous events Sea Vu Play turned to life. Not only during the night— but afternoons are also exciting for those who especially wanted to take pictures as the crowd isn’t as packed as during the evening. Enjoy clicking numerous pictures at Sea Vu Play’s numerous instagrammable corners and post ‘em up on social media. Then tag Sea Vu Play just because. During Sundays once a month, afternoon Sea Vu Play visitors are greeted with the most exciting Sunday Market in Bali.

Dance away as the party starts. Jump up and down to boost the feel-good hormones on your body as the tunes guide you. Or to burn the pizza’s calories. Whatever reason it is, make sure to have fun. Chat with strangers or talk to a local and ask all sorts of questions about Bali and how is it living on the island. Savor each moment and let your worry slip away for a second. You deserve the downtime.


Prefer to Go Out in the Afternoon? Family Fun Ensues!

Sea Vu Play welcomes the whole family on any day of the week, but Sea Vu Play’s Sunday Markets really are a treat for all the family. Stroll around the rim jungle where you’ll find a range of products from both local and international brands on offer. Not only that, there are plenty of fun and games organized for the kids, and when the shopping gets too much grab a stool at the bar and enjoy your favorite drink.

The Sunday Market features indigenous brands of young, passionate people who love what they do. The different charity has also been benefitted by this monthly market festa. Shop little trinkets as souvenirs. Get useful items on the market, a tote bag or two for you or your friend. Munch on some snacks from the food truck if you’re lucky to spot one. Simply browsing through the selections of vendors and items the Sea Vu Play Sunday Market has to offer is something of a stress reliever, an excellent family fun for everyone to enjoy.


Yum Food!

Authentic from the Mediterranean, Sea Vu Play has the brilliant Chef Abi to oversee its magic-concocting process that creates Sea Vu Play’s many dishes and drinks. Sailing to the country of thousands of islands, Indonesia has been Chef Abi’s home for over a decade. A seasoned chef that has served numerous five-star hotels and restaurants, right now Sea Vu Play is Chef Abi’s playground where he puts forth his best stuff.

Try out a number of Sea Vu Play’s dishes at once to get a taste just how much the experienced Chef can brighten your night out experience considerably. Sea Vu Play is more than just a nightlife but an experience, and the food quality speaks volumes just how much Sea Vu Play values the patrons’ dining experiences.

Start off with Mediterranean Salad with mixed greens, quinoa, olives, and marinated feta—or perhaps a Chef’s House Specialty is something that catches your fancy more? Then order Caesar salad to start off and savor the brilliant flavors that kickstart your meal. On specialties, the mains are Roast Chicken, Chicken Parmi, as well as Braised Lamb Shank. Can’t choose? Bring over a couple more friends and try all three. Make sure to end your meal with the delectable and affordable dessert options. The Pannacotta and Banana Fritters are particularly popular with Sea Vu Play’s lovely and lively diners. If you’re dying for some ice cream, then get the Brownies as it is served along with vanilla ice cream to sweeten the deal.


New Snack Shack in Town plus Charcoal and Chill?

The Funky Dory Snack Shack opened this August along with other equally mouthwatering food selections to spice up your dining. Replace Netflix and chill with charcoal and chill at Sea Vu Play. Kicking off at 11 am every single day, try some of the freshest seafood, chicken, lamb, and beef, as well as vegetable skewers. If you’re more in the mood for tapas, the Funky Dori snack shack got you covered. From toasties to meat pies to toasties, the shack is here to make your tongue dance.

Looking for a meaty evening? Hashbrown burger, Egg and Bacon Roll, Frittata, and Mini Cheese Burgers, they’re all ready to fill you up pretty quickly. However, Sea Vu Play’s forte is Meat Pie, that simply exist to stuff you up. The authentic slow-cooking method is utilized to turn the red meat into a refined brown shade—juicy and simply a delight to chew, as the spices spread and make their flavorful impact inside your mouth. It’s a snack that will get you full in no time—so watch out if you still plan to have some dinner later in the evening!

The fun snack shack also boasts several options of vegetarian delicacies. Toasties, chips & gravy sauce, spring rolls, and quesadilla—everything is for you to chose from. Toasties veggie option consists of Vegemite and cheddar cheese. An Australian classic, although an acquired taste, Toasties with Vegemite is a delectable thick, the black spread would bring some Aussies back home in nostalgia. Munch on your meat-free toast as you chat with a pleasant company in the fun beach town of Sea Vu Play. Just looking for some fries? The Chips and Gravy sauce is a menu for you; additional cheese is an option for those who love cheesy bites. Don’t forget the sauce served together with the chips, that might make you ask for a second serving. Another menu that will leave you finger-licking would be Chicken wings, included in the Sea Vu Play’s forte of Chef’s House Specialties. Tender chicken meat intact with the bones, you can nibble the morsel to your heart’s content. Popular across seas in many grilling cultures, this barbecue-snack is something that the beach town totally excels at.

Everything in the Sea Vu Play’s snack corner is priced at 45K IDR, so that eliminates some dilemma, at least when it comes to the budget. Sea Vu Play’s Mezze is priced at an even lower tag, 30K IDR and is simply the perfect starter you could easily afford in your afternoon or evening food-tasting fest. More plus points for being super affordable!

Whatever you’re looking for in a nightlife scene, Bali Seminyak nightlife simply doesn’t have that fun spark without a visit to the Sea Vu Play. The next time you hop on a plane to Bali (or if you’re on the island right now) make sure to give Sea Vu Play a visit!