Drink Menu

Best Bar in Bali

Located in the heart of Seminyak Bali, Sea Vu Play is perfect for dining, drinking and merry making with a nautical backdrop. The Nauti crew of Sea Vu Play is a seasoned team of food and beverage professionals who are as serious about fun as they are about food and drinks. We have a carefully curated menu of only the freshest in cocktails for you. Including the Pink Flamingo, Expresso martini, Wasted Watermelon and of course, the legendary hu’u Bar classic Lychee Martini, ensuring you’re spoilt for choice.

As you would expect there is a range of coastal cocktails on offer as well as Sea Vu Play’s twists on the classics. A house favourite is Sea Vu Play’s lengendary Pink Flamingo, a tantalizing blend of rum and strawberries, it will leave your taste buds in heaven.

You can also get social with your drinks with a range of pitchers to share – sangria, martinis and margaritas. Red wine, white wine, rose and champagne are all available in our extensive, carefully curated, drinks menu.

For those who are taking it easy, there is a full range of non-alcoholic drinks on offer, including fruit juices, mocktails, fresh coconut, coffee, tea and milkshakes.