Table Reservation

Sea Vu Play BaliĀ is the place for any food or drink-accompanied occasion!

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The Nauti Show will run, by appointment, when we receive a booking with a minimum number of 35 people.
Some helpful information to assist in your event planning.

Area Seating Capacity Standing Capacity
Harbour 40-60 pax 140 pax
Marina 60-80 pax 80 pax
Rum Jungle 80-100 pax 150 pax


Area Seating Capacity
Docks 30-40 pax 10 pax / dock 3 Docks
Beach Huts 50-60 pax 12 pax / hut 5 Huts
The Den Seating 30-40 pax Standing 80-100 pax Exclusive Private Bar / Club