Seminyak Restaurants – Sea Vu Play Leads The Way

Seminyak Restaurants – Sea Vu Play Leads The Way

Seminyak restaurants Sea Vu Play is undoubtedly among the liveliest and certainly the most vibrant in town. The establishment simply exudes pure, unadulterated exuberance. Rated amongst the best restaurants in Bali, Sea Vu Play has received rave reviews from happy diners and fun-seekers, nightlife-goers alike. One thing that makes the restaurant so appealing is the sense of fun Sea Vu Play that just seems to always go on. Sea Vu Play’s dress code is casual, and patrons are encouraged to bring their dancing shoes to the party and just have fun. The restaurant Seminyak boasts a nautical theme and it is apparent in every bit of its aspects. Sea Vu Play is proud to represent the laid-back vibes a beach town has to offer.

There is a newly built barbecue pit just opened on August 2nd, named after the Captain’s pet fish, Dori. Sea Vu Play Seminyak restaurants are ready to rock your boat with a selection of brand new menu. The pit boosts quality steaks to juicy skewers. Time for you to get ready to devour!

Mediterranean cuisines being Sea Vu Play’s core menu, Sea Vu Play has requested the aids of a capable chef from Morocco putting him in charge of overseeing Sea Vu Play’s creations of delicacies, Chef Abi. Authentic, yet distinctive taste is something diners have come back for, and something for first timers to look forward to here. Take the example of Souvlaki, one of Mediterranean’s integral cuisines of Maghrebi. Trying out the flavourful Lamb Souvlaki with a cup of red wine is a pretty good head start. Seafood is another one of Moroccan’s specialties and Sea Vu Play certainly excels at delivering. Sea Food Hot Pot is certainly something for you to try on, perfect to quench your seafood cravings.

You won’t find fusion food being prepared or served at the restaurant. The restaurant ensures that you get authentic cuisine often inspired by the Mediterranean, and it has hired a talented chef, Abi, to oversee the kitchen operations. Thanks to a dedicated team of kitchen staff, they’ll deliver the most exquisite dishes to every dinner table. The restaurant also specializes in wine, pitchers, and cocktails, Be sure to order your favorite drink to accompany your meal.


Chef’s House Specialties.

On Chef’s house specialties, Sea Vu Play offers Chicken Parmigiana, Roast Chicken, and Braised Lamb Shank to fill you up as the main course. Tender chicken breast in your chicken parm with a generous topping of mozzarella is served with fresh tomatoes and fettuccine, they are sure to fill you up.

Braised Lamb Shank is prepared with the traditional slow-cooked method, which ensures the tenderness of the meat and the juicy texture. On top of that, slow cooking preserves nutrients better compared to cooking rapidly with high temperatures. Ensuring that the herbs and seasonings are absorbed thoroughly in the cooking process, the braised lamb shank is something Sea Vu Play’s Chef Abi is proud to present with. Another main dish specialty is Roast Chicken that uses baby chicken and baby potatoes, served with pickled lemon and green olives to balance the taste. For soups and salads option, the Sea Vu Play house specialty goes to the Caesar salad that you can customize with the addition of either chicken or prawns. The garlic and anchovies with some additional secret seasonings packed the punch in the flavors, combined with parmesan plus pieces of focaccia in croutons your bowl—everything blended well with the fresh romaine texture. If you prefer to eat something lighter than Sea Vu Play’s main dish, with the refreshing crunch of greens, then the Caesar salad is made just for you. On Pizzas, the House Specialties offer you a mouthwatering Casablanca with the special Moroccan spiced lamb, scrumptious chili paste, tasty eggplant, and the delectable halloumi.


Mouthwatering Main Dishes on a Fun-Filled Seminyak restaurants

On the main menu, Sea Vu Play has pan fried red snapper, which is seared with an Asian inspired sauce featuring various herbs, making a fantastic dish. You can also try the braised lamb shank, that the chef prepares in such a way to make sure it’s always juicy and succulent. The recipe is from Sea Vu Play’s home country of Morocco. Grilled Octopus is on the menu, and it is served with saffron risotto, green peas, mixed herbs, and parmesan tuile. Thanks to the talents of our chef, this dish turns out tender, sweet and delicious. Sea Vu Play has starters, sides, pizzas, and a menu created especially for the kids.

For those who’d go for a vegetarian option, Sea Vu Play has several options lined up. The Brown Lentil Soup would set you off nicely before you order your main dishes or pizzas. Enjoy your night out with a friend or two starting off by savoring the flavourful herbs mixed with slices of tomatoes, carrots, and celeries, complete with a crispy baguette as a companion. If you prefer to have your dairy fill of vegetarian meal, have Goat Cheese Salad; served with baby spinach, beetroot, and walnuts. Try out Mezze Feast that’s just perfect to munch on with 2 to 4 of your hungry friends. For pizza, vegetarian style offers Margherita, made of simple ingredients of tomato sauce, basil leaves, as well as the mozzarella that’s locally sourced. Veggie Lover pizza presents you with the tender and succulent aubergine, mushrooms, grilled zucchini, with mozzarella cheesing it up. In the main dish list, Eggplant Gratin is sure to fill you up nicely.

The Mediterranean food has a wealth of seafood delicacies. The restaurant’s Sea Food Hot Pot is something we’ve heard time and again from our passionate diners as something they’ve always ordered whenever they come here. The scrumptious prawn’s calamari, octopus, clams, and market fish—engulfed in coconut broth and accompanied by garlic bread, are yours to devour—the Sea Food Hot Pot might be something you’d put on your list for when you visit Bali and Sea Vu Play sometimes. Don’t miss out on a potentially the best seafood treat among the best restaurants Seminyak area, while you enjoy your merry nightlife Bali at this funky Bali bar. Another seafood main dish is Grilled Octopus. Creamy potato, herbs, and parmesan are among the ingredients accompanying your feasting for the chewy, springy texture of your grilled dinner.

Pro-tip; go to Sea Vu Play with a group, it will enable you to try lots of things. If you can’t decide between the tender, flavorful Roast Chicken or the soft, juicy Braised Lamb Shank, bring several friends with you. You won’t have to choose then; dig in and devour both!


Captains Choice for a Rowdy Night Out

The Captain’s Choice is meant for sharing and to promote the social aspect of eating out. Sea Vu Play has the Mezze Feast, which consists of hummus, babaganouj, zaalouk, marinated bell pepper, spiced labneh, and marinated olive served with house-made pita bread and garden vegetables. You can also order the Captain’s Feast, which includes spiced pork ribs, chicken wings, beef meatball, lamb merguez served with fries and dipping sauces. Sea Vu Play also has a feast named Under the Sea, consisting of prawns, mussels and marinated octopus with Thousand Island dressing, fried calamari, beer battered Dori, crumbed soft shell crab, and tartar sauce.

Allow approximately 30 minutes if you fancy a Spanish Paella. All those marvelous ingredients; the toothsome aioli and herbs need time to be absorbed. Spanish Paella is one of the Mediterranean dishes that Chef Abi is proud to present. It is a Valencian rice dish that has ancient roots, although the modern form of the Paella we often see today originated in the 19th century. Let the prawns and the other succulent ocean morsels brighten your night out with friends. If you’re craving for a dairy fix, then the baked penne is here to deliver. Two types of cheese are used; aged cheddar and parmesan, and they’re all ready to melt in your mouth. Don’t pick just one menu for a rowdy night out with a big group of friends, try at least two at a time!


A Pitcher of Yum Cocktail or a Glass of Revitalizing Juice?


There’s something for everyone when it comes to drinks. Sea Vu Play has a wide array of varieties of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

One of the most popular cocktails is the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. It is made with vodka, salted caramel Kahlua, and espresso coffee. You can also order a pitcher; diners’ favorites are the red and white sangria. The drink is made with rum, red or white wine, triple sec, tropical fruits, lemon juice, topped with lemonade. A selection of beers is on the menu, including Bintang, Bali Hai   Premium, Heineken, San Miguel Light, Diable, Albens Cider or a Corona. There’s also a selection of spirits and liquors, including rum, tequila, vodka, gin, and whiskey. Red and white wine, champagne and rosé are available. Sea Vu Play also has a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, including juices, hot and iced coffee, mocktails as well as milkshakes.


New in Town; Funky Dori Snack Shack!

Lots of options for a brand new snack shack. With over fifteen menus dedicated to snacks, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

On Chef’s house specialties, Sea Vu Play has meat pies to fill you up even though you’re simply looking for something to munch on as you’re browsing through sections after sections of the restaurant’s Sunday Market avenue. Quality is something of no questions. The beef is slow-cooked to perfection. Allowing the texture to be super tender and juicy, as well as allowing the seasonings to be absorbed impeccably, allowing the flavors to burst full force as you chew. Don’t forget the bold, distinct taste of onions that is sure to complement the beef perfectly. Browned to perfection, the onions are soft but not soggy, it creates a very pleasant texture.

Another on the house’s specialty is a plate of delectable Chicken Wings. Seasoned with simple herbs; salt, pepper, and lime are among those that left a bold, pleasant taste, flavoring the nice and soft chicken meat. The chicken wings snacks, in general, have been a particularly popular finger food with diners all over Southeast Asia. Sea Vu Play has made it an aim to excel at delivering this popular munch. You’ll be licking your fingers long before you’ve cleaned up all the chicken.

Funky Dori Snack Shack provides a selection of vegetarian menu for those looking for their fix of healthy snack as you walk through the Sea Vu Play nautical playground. Starting with the classic, timeless toasties. With vegemite and cheddar cheese as the filling, enjoy each bite as you spend a late afternoon with your party friends. The toasties also have the meat option featuring smoked pork ham.

Next veggie item on the menu would be the Chips and Gravy Sauce, that you can add grated cheese for an additional 15k IDR. Funky Dori Snack Shack spring rolls consist of various vegetables perfectly wrapped, and presented by sweet and source for you to dip your rolls in. The last one would be the classic Quesadilla filled with a mix of bell pepper coupled with melted cheese, ready for you to devour. Everything is priced at 45K Rupiah, so you don’t have to worry about which item costs most especially if you wish to taste lots of things at once!

Oh, don’t forget Mezze, or what is traditionally a “starter” in the Mediterranean cuisines. This one is priced at only 30K, slightly lower than the rest of the options mentioned above (yay for affordable food!). Sea Vu Play Mezze is served with homemade pita bread. The snack consists of hash brown, hummus, spiced eggplant, marinated olive, mohamara, tatziki, as well as baba ghanoush.


Make Yourself at Home at the Beach Huts

Be it bar stool, tables, huts, or docks—whether you’re going in a large group or if you’re going all by yourself, the Sea Vu Play exists to accommodate you. The boat-shaped bar, designed to pay homage to the Pirate founder, Captain Aquaholic, whose ship was wrecked as she runs aground n the island. You will find bar stools shaped like a boat, provided for patrons to sit on, contributing to the restaurant’s character.

If you plan to arrive as a group, you may be seated in one of the many VIP docks or enjoy the ambiance from your beach hut. The restaurant also provides picnic tables that you can enjoy with your family. There’s additional seating in the Rum Jungle, which is an area shaded by palm trees. And there are high stools at the captain’s large table. The seating capacity is 200 people with a maximum capacity of 500. An exciting and packed, if not rowdy social night, you can totally be sure of.


Nautical Life and Lights All Around You


The restaurant was designed with a nautical theme, and it provides a laid-back atmosphere where you can relax after a hard day’s work having dinner or sipping delicious cocktails. The interior décor is colorful and lends to a vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant. Apart from being bright and cheerful, the restaurant is spacious, and there’s plenty of space for families and large groups. The venue appeals to everyone, and the friendly staff and exciting cocktail menu make it a great place to hang out.

Updating your Instagram feed? Sea Vu Play leads the way. Just hop onto any corners of this marine fun-painted avenue and click your shutters, a (literally) picture-perfect Instagram post is instantly yours to post. Colorful pennant flags line up the sky as your roof, fairy lights are all around you on lively beach palm trees. Your beach huts are the perfect place to lounge and chill, as colorful sofas and blue-red striped pillows lie atop to provide you extra comfort. Hawsers hung from the ceilings. Fishnets are also hung and ready for you to take any time you plan to sail catch your fishes. Just kidding. But the lovely and lively deco seriously would bring you to a fun-filled, albeit fantasy-induced ocean life. Not to mention the awesome wall art throughout the venue—literally—painting nautical-inspired lively characters that just reinforces the fun atmosphere Sea Vu Play is determined to set forth.


Friday Crew Night

Sea Vu Play is simply a fun place to hang out. Leave your worries and unease behind once you enter the place. Every Friday, there’s an event dubbed the Friday Crew Night which starts at 8 pm and keeps going until late. There’s a DJ on the decks spinning your favorite tunes, so bring your party people and social butterflies dance the night away. There’s also Sea Vu Play Saturdays, and the party continues for yet another night of funky beats. It starts at 8 pm until early morning! RSVP both events is totally recommended! Call their staff through +62 361 4736579 or simply send a mail to


Hop onto the deck, you’re always welcome aboard!

Visit Sea Vu play and discover what the fuss is all about. The establishment caters to friends and family, and it’s a beautiful place to spend your Sunday afternoons. There’s a regular Sunday Market, and you can do some shopping spree while the kids play.

You can find organic soaps and lotions to pamper you in the tropical weather. Jasmine, Magnolia, and other organic ingredients are ready as essential oils and other natural beauty products produced by the locals. Inhale a couple of testers if they offer you some and drown yourself in the lovely scent. The vendors sometimes change, so Sea Vu Play hopes you’re in luck so you could catch wind of this brilliant local product! If you’re looking for new beachwear, invest sometimes in browsing through Sea Vu Play’s Sunday Bali markets many apparels! It’s not unusual to spot several vendors selling beachwear, of varying kinds. Whether it’s a woolen knitted top, a spandex swims trunks, or simply a couple of timeless denim shorts ready your purse because the young entrepreneurs of Sea Vu Play’s Sunday markets are always at the top of the fashion trend.

Get a tote bag during your jolly spree to get your folks and friends some souvenir-worthy items. Little trinkets with ethnic designs are readily available. Set aside some time to browse through so you can be picky. Or maybe get them all tote bags that you can easily fold into yours. Exotic spices and essential oils make excellent choices as well. Whichever items you decided to pick, just make sure that you have a great afternoon of simply soaking in Sea Vu Play’s merry ambiance, and have your dose of retail therapy. Other events at Sea Vu Play includes the regular sports events, something that becomes a certain rowdy screening. There’s also Salsa Thursday! Event goers, make sure to follow Sea Vu Play’s social media accounts and note the dates down.

The spacious Seminyak restaurants cater to large groups, while sports fans can catch the latest action on Sea Vu Play’s big screens. Sea Vu Play is open daily from 4 pm, and the party doesn’t stop until late. So the next time you’re in the mood for lively entertainment, mouth-watering food, and great company, pop into Sea Vu Play and discover for yourself what this great venue is all about.

Located in the heart of the city, Sea Vu Play can be easily reached from any major tourist spot in the South Denpasar – South Bali area. Prices are super affordable, especially among the many bars in Seminyak, Bali. Expect to spend around IDR150k – 200k per person at Sea Vu Play. Toothsome side dishes in are all priced at 25K, offering an affordable yum to accompany your cocktail night out. All dessert items are at 35k.


Leading Seminyak restaurants

If you’re looking for the best food, drinks, and atmosphere in Seminyak then Sea Vu Play won’t disappoint. Reserve your table today and don’t forget that Sea Vu Play is Seminyak’s leading sports bar so come and enjoy all the sports action and best food all in the one great location