Seafood Bali and BBQ Meat

Seafood Bali and BBQ Meat

Seafood in Bali is a must. Three times a week our Chef trawls the morning fish markets of the South Bali Jimbaran fishing village for the freshest Seafood Bali has to offer. Seafood in Bali features fresh lobsters, shrimps, clams, squid, octopus and fish such as Tuna and much more. Our meat,Steaks and chops are imported from neighbouring countries like New Zealand and Australia.

The Sea Vu Play BBQ menu is centered on the traditional charcoal wood fired philosophy and is a nod to the various grilling traditions found around the world.

For Australians, firing up the Weber and grilling up some meat has a distinctly patriotic vibe- barbecue on the ANZAC day, after all, and no image of the classic Australian lifestyle would be complete without a cookout-friendly lawn behind that white picket fence–but Australians are not the only ones who pride themselves on skills with charcoal and tongs.


From satay in Indonesia to Braai in South Africa, there’s a whole world of grilling out there. Regional variations abound from city to city, town to town, and family to family.

Henceforth at Sea Vu Play every evening as the sun sets over Seminyak in the West coast of Bali our restaurant chefs begin our traditional ritual of lighting up a our charcoal wood fired BBQ in the Sea Vu Play garden amidst the swaying palm trees and fairy lights. The time it takes to start our traditional charcoal grill is homage to the old style of slow cooking. In an age where the “turn of a knob” gas fired BBQ grills is the norm, the char grilled aromas from our charcoal wood fired BBQ is really the extra bit of love we put into our food. We believe this imparts a lovely smoky flavor to our steaks, chops, kebabs and seafood on our grills . Coupled with our special Mediterranean inspired spices and marinades this is the secret to maintaining the reputation of being the best steak and seafood BBQ restaurant in Seminyak Bali.