Walk The Plank

Been Naughty ?
Sssh , we won’t tell.
Legend is Drunk sailors tell no tales

What Happens At Sea Vu Play remains at Sea Vu Play.

The Nauti Show

#nautishow #nautialltheway, #walktheplank

Dinner Cabaret Show Bali – The Nauti Show As the sun sets over Seminyak Bali its “Charcoal & Chill Time”. Dinner is served at 8pm and our chef crew fire up the BBQ in the good old traditional way….wood charcoal.

Your dinner date with our divas starts at 9.30 pm…….it’s a party at Sea Vu Play. Our crew of cheeky entertainers take to the main bar stage in Caberet Show fashion impersonating the latest and greatest music stars in a naughty outrageous fashion that can be aptly described as doing it #NautiAllTheWay. Yes, this is the quintessential Cabaret Show in Bali.

Our Queens do not discriminate at Sea Vu Play is loves all and serves all we are a straight bar and a gay bar, whatever it is the Queens engage many a guest to #WalkThePlank together with them in good fun. For the many who choose to walk this path are rewarded with “the Nauti Shot”.…….A round of “liquid courage” dispensed directly to the brave mouth. Join our Queens on stage for some bar top dancing, shamelessly drunk or elegantly wasted the choice is yours, clothing is optional, it’s a Cabaret Show…matey ! that’s what it is says the good Captain.

From 11 pm, our Nauti DJ crew will take over the deck and the dancing continues till close.

We are what we are and if you are not into quiet romantic nights and pretentious places. Sea Vu Play guarantees, Epic, stupid and illogical fun.

Love all, serve all. Be it fat, thin, white, brown, sad or gay, our bar in Bali Seminyak is one you wouldn’t want to miss. As the legend goes, What Happens At Sea Vu Play remains at Sea Vu Play. The one and only dinner cabaret show Bali Seminyak will be one of the highlights of your vacation!

Contact Information


Please contact us at email: play@seavuplaybali.com or
+62 361 4736579 for booking and enquiries.


We are happy to help you organise transport home or onto your next destination. Your Nauti crew of the night will be happy to assist you with the transport arrangements.



For group booking of more than 10 people, to secure the booking, we require an advance, NON-REFUNDABLE, booking deposit of 10% per person. The deposit must be paid upon confirmation of booking

For private shows or functions, full payment is to be made 07 (seven) days prior to the function or event date.

Please contact us at email:play@seavuplaybali.com or +62 361 4736579 for booking and enquiries.


All major credit cards accepted
Prices are subject to 16% tax and service